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Born on December 31, 1980, Sophia Ruffin is an Afro-American author and prophet who believes in Christianity. She calls herself Ambassador Sophia and the “Comeback Kid.” Her life serves as a powerful testimony of resilience and renewal, and she uses her experiences to showcase the transformative capabilities of divine intervention. Sophia’s heartfelt desire is to inspire and lead others on their own journeys of deliverance.

Sophia Ruffin Bio/Wiki

Name Sophia Ruffin
Also Known As Sophia Nicole Ruffin
Date of Birth December 31, 1980 (43 Years as of 2024)
Place of Birth Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States
Gender Female
Profession Minister, Prophetic Speaker, Author, Coach
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Who is Sophia Ruffin?

Sophia Ruffin is a famous Afro-American minister, preacher, author, prophetic speaker, and coach. She was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois, on December 31, 1980. She is 43 years old as of 2024. She stands as an ordained prophet, responding to a profound calling within the 5-fold ministry aimed at impacting and advancing the kingdom of God. Her role extends beyond conventional boundaries, as she serves as a prophetic speaker, delivering powerful messages of deliverance that resonate with a wide audience.

Having ministered throughout the United States, Sophia brings a unique and radical approach to her ministry, emphasising the transformative power of her messages. With a commitment to her divine calling, she operates within the prophetic realm, influencing and inspiring those who engage with her ministry. Sophia Ruffin’s work reflects a deep spiritual dedication, as she seeks to bring about positive change and spiritual growth in the lives of those who encounter her impactful messages.

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Early life and education

Sophia Ruffin’s roots trace back to Chicago Heights, Illinois, where she was born and raised. She proudly identifies with the black race and follows the Christian faith. Sophia’s educational journey took shape at Bloom Township High School in her hometown of Chicago Heights, where she completed her high school education. 

How Old is Sophia Ruffin?

Following this, she pursued higher education at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. This academic background reflects her commitment to understanding and contributing to the field of criminal justice, setting the stage for her diverse and impactful journey ahead.

Her professional career

Sophia Ruffin’s career is characterised by versatility, encompassing roles that extend beyond her calling as a prophet. In addition to her prophetic ministry, she has established herself as a successful author, having penned several books that have achieved bestseller status globally. Through her written works, Sophia continues to serve as a guide, offering a blueprint and syllabus for individuals navigating their journeys of spiritual and personal transformation.

Her books not only share profound insights but also serve as sources of inspiration and encouragement. Sophia’s multifaceted career reflects her commitment to not only sharing her own transformative experiences but also providing valuable resources for those seeking strength and faith amidst life’s challenges. Her story stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating the enduring impact of faith and resilience in overcoming adversities.

Her famous works

Sophia Ruffin has written many famous books. These include:

  • From Point Guard 2, Prophet
  • Shame
  • After the altar
  • Feminine Progression
  • Coach Soph to the Rescue
  • Set Free and Delivered

Her married life

Sophia entered matrimony with her husband, Tommy Wilson, in a union sealed on January 7, 2023. Their initial encounter took place at Greater Grace Houston, where Tommy was involved in ministry and Sophia was a special guest. A friendly greeting marked their first interaction.

Sophia Ruffin Husband Tommy Wilson

On June 11, 2022, a mutual friend set them up for a phone call, where their paths once again crossed. Subsequently, their first date transpired on June 24, culminating in a swift proposal from Tommy the following day. Six months later, they took the significant step of walking down the aisle together.

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What is Sophia Ruffin’s net worth?

According to available information, Sophia Ruffin is believed to have an estimated net worth of $15 million, indicative of her affluent lifestyle. The primary sources of her wealth stem from her roles as a prophet and an author. In addition to her spiritual and literary pursuits, Sophia serves as a writing coach, guiding the art of writing. Moreover, she manages her own website, contributing to her diverse streams of income.

Social media influence

You can find Sophia Ruffin on different social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. She loves engaging with her fans and followers through her online accounts.

  • Instagram (@yagirl_soph): Sophia Ruffins has 169K followers on her Instagram account. She has shared 1253 posts to date. She mostly talks about her lifestyle, ministry, and travel on her account.
  • Twitter (@SophiaRuffin): It seems that Sophia Ruffin is not that popular on Twitter. She has only 1254 followers as of 2024, and her Twitter bio reads “Minister, Influencer, Author, Creator.”

Some Intriguing Facts About Sophia Ruffin

  • Sophia Ruffin’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • She is affiliated with Apostle John Eckhardt at Crusaders Ministries in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Her story of deliverance from the spirit of homosexuality was featured on the CBN 700 Club on June 29, 2017.
  • In addition to her spiritual leadership, Sophia serves as a writing coach, inspiring and training others to unlock their creative potential.
  • Sophia signed with Charisma Media Publishing Company in October 2017.
  • She recently released her newest book, “Set Free & Delivered,” through Charisma Media, adding to her impactful literary contributions.

FAQ’s About Sophia Ruffin

Q1: Who is Sophia Ruffin, and what is her message?

She is a prophetic speaker who has taken her bold message of deliverance across the U.S. Her writings include “From Point Guard 2 Prophet,” and she is renowned as the “Comeback Kid.” Sophia inspires others with her story of deliverance and God’s transformative power.

Q2: Which ministry is Ambassador Sophia Ruffin associated with?

Apostle John Eckhardt leads Sophia at Crusaders Ministries in Chicago.

Q3: How was Sophia Ruffin’s personal journey of deliverance?

Her journey of deliverance includes overcoming the spirit of homosexuality, which was featured on CBN 700 CLUB on June 29, 2017. Her story serves as a testament to the power of God’s transformation in her life.

Q4: What books has Sophia Ruffin authored?

She has authored several books, including “From Point Guard 2 Prophet,” “Shame,” “After the Altar,” “Feminine Progression,” and “Coach Soph to the Rescue.”

Q5: Why is Sophia Ruffin known as the “Comeback Kid”?

The “Comeback Kid” is famous for using her transformation to demonstrate God’s power. Her story of overcoming hardships inspires others.

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