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Heather Helm was born on July 17, 1971, in Pasadena, California, United States, which is marked as her birthplace. She attended La Canada High School and UCLA for high school-level education in Pasadena, California. Helm’s estimated net worth is US $700,000. Heather Helm’s husband, Matthew Lillard, is a comedian and actor from the United States who has been active in his profession from 1990 to the present. 

Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard have become parents of 3 wonderful children. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 60 Kg. Also, Helm has good hazel-coloured eyes with stunning blonde hair. She was managing blockbuster debuts and multimillion-dollar campaigns. Likewise, the television personality has consistently had a strong passion for real estate and design projects.

Who is Heather Helm?

Heather Helm is a fantastic woman who has an exciting life! She is a famous realtor and the wife of the Hollywood actor Matthew Lillard. You might know him from the Scooby-Doo movies! But Heather is not just a celebrity spouse. Also, she has her own Wiki page that tells us about her life. Heather Helm has achieved so much and is a great role model. Do you want to learn more about her early life, education, or family? Keep reading this blog to find out more exciting facts about Heather Helm! 


Real Name Heather Ann Helm
Nick Name Heather Helm
Famous for Wife of Mathew Lillard
Gender Female
Age 52 years as of 2024
Date of Birth July 17, 1979
Birthplace Pasadena, California, United States
Hometown Pasadena
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Country America
Profession Real Estate Agent
Marital Status Married
Children Addison Grace, Macey Lyn, and Liam Lillard
Net Worth $3 million as of 2024
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Early Life and Education

The excellent realtor and entrepreneur Heather Helm has had a charming life. Let’s dive into her early life and education to learn more about this incredible woman. Heather was born on July 17, 1971, in Pasadena, California. She grew up in a loving family and attended Canada High School before pursuing her higher education. Heather Helm participated at the significant University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied Political Science.

Heather Helm

Additionally, with determination and hard work, she earned her degree and embarked on a path of success. Heather’s early life and education have laid the foundation for her impressive career in the real estate industry. Stay tuned to learn more about her journey and her incredible achievements along the way.

Heather Helm Parents and Siblings

Heather Helm’s parents and siblings have played an essential role in her life. Her parents have always been supportive and encouraged her to chase her dreams. Although specific information about her parents and siblings is not readily available, we can imagine they are a loving and close-knit family. 

Additionally, Heather Helm’s journey to success has likely been shaped by the love and support she received from her family. Also, a hearty support system can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and Heather is blessed to have her family by her side. Their love and encouragement have helped her become the incredible woman she is today.

Heather Helm Husband/Boyfriend

Heather Helm has an extraordinary person in her life, actor and director Matthew Lillard. They have been happily married for 23 years since their wedding on August 26, 2000. Also, they have a beautiful family, with three children named Addison Grace, Macey Lyn, and Liam Lillard.

Their love and support for each other have also made their relationship solid and lasting. It’s lovely to see how Heather and Matthew built a life together, balancing their successful careers and loving family. They make a great team and are an inspiration to others.


Heather Helm

Age, Height, and Weight

Standing 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall, she has a slim and graceful figure with body measurements of 32-26-33 inches (81-66-84 cm). Also, Heather weighs 60 kg and maintains her fitness through an active lifestyle.

Her striking blonde hair and charming Hazel eyes also radiate beauty and confidence. Also, Heather’s physical appearance complements her warm and inviting personality, making her a role model for many. As we continue to explore Heather Helm’s inspiring journey, we’ll discover even more fascinating aspects of her life and career. Stay tuned to uncover the exciting details in the upcoming sections!

Height 5 Feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 60 Kg
Body Measurement 32-26-33 inches
Body Type Slim
Age 52 years as of 2024
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde hair


The lovely couple, Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard are proud parents of three exceptional children. They welcomed their first daughter, Addison Grace Lillard, in Los Angeles on June 13, 2002. Later, their second daughter, Macey Lyn Lillard, was born on October 19, 2004. And to complete their beautiful family, they had a baby son, Liam Lillard, in April 2008

Additionally, Heather and Matthew cherish their children and take full responsibility for their physical and emotional well-being. Also, seeing the love and happiness filling their household is heartwarming. Heather Helm is a successful realtor and a dedicated and loving mother. Her children bring immense joy to her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

Heather Helm Before Fame

Before becoming a famous realtor, Heather Helm had an everyday life like any other kid. She went to school, played with her friends, and had big dreams for her future. Also, Heather Helm’s journey to success wasn’t always easy, but she worked hard and never gave up. She believed in herself and pursued her passion for real estate.

Additionally, Heather Helm’s determination and dedication paid off, and now she is known as one of the best realtors in the business. Also, Heather Helm’s inspiring story reminds us that we can achieve our goals and dreams with hard work and perseverance. Stay tuned to learn more about Heather Helm’s incredible career and impact on the real estate industry.

Heather Helm Career

Heather Helm has had an incredible career journey, with notable roles in various organizations. She started as the Director of Special Event Marketing at the Walt Disney Company, managing blockbuster debuts and multimillion-dollar campaigns. After leaving Disney, she co-founded Compass and has since been working in the firm’s estate section.

Additionally, Heather works as a realtor at Pacific Union International, specializing in the real estate business. Also, her extensive experience in the industry has earned her a reputation as a top-performing realtor, helping numerous clients buy, sell, and rent properties. Also, Heather Helm’s bio showcases her achievements and success in real estate, making her a respected figure in the industry.

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Heather Helm’s Famous Reason 

Heather became famous for her incredible talents and achievements in the real estate industry. Her bio is full of impressive accomplishments that have earned her a well-deserved reputation. Heather has significantly impacted, from managing blockbuster debuts at the Walt Disney Company to co-founding Compass and excelling as a top-performing realtor at Pacific Union International.

Her expertise and dedication have helped numerous clients buy, sell, and rent properties. Heather Helm’s passion and hard work have made her a respected figure in the industry. She continues to inspire others with her success and remains a role model for aspiring realtors. With her impressive career, it’s no wonder Heather Helm is famous for being one of the best in the real estate business.</span>

Heather Helm’s Net Worth

Heather Helm has achieved incredible success in her career as a realtor, and her hard work has certainly paid off. Also, various sources show Heather Helm’s net worth is around $3 million. This impressive figure reflects her expertise and success in the real estate industry. Also, it’s important to note that Heather’s husband, Hollywood actor Matthew Lillard, has a net worth of $2 million, further showcasing the couple’s financial success.

Heather’s bio also highlights her determination and achievements; her net worth is a testament to her hard work. Also, with her continued success and dedication, there’s no doubt that Heather Helm’s net worth will continue to grow.

Heather Helm Future Plans and Projects 

  • Heather continues to excel in her career as a realtor and has many exciting plans for the future.
  • Also, she aims to expand her real estate business and take on more challenging projects.
  • Heather also plans to explore new markets and provide services to a broader range of clients.
  • Additionally, she is interested in investing in and renovating properties to enhance their value.
  • Also, Heather is dedicated to continuous learning and growth in the real estate industry.
  • She is eager to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies to serve her clients better.
  • With her determination and passion for her work, Heather Helm’s future is bright and filled with numerous projects that will further establish her as a top realtor.</span>

Heather Helm Hobbies

Helm is a successful realtor who enjoys exciting hobbies in her free time. Let’s take a closer look at some of Heather’s favorite pastimes and activities:

  • Gardening: Heather loves spending time outdoors and tending to her beautiful garden. She enjoys planting flowers and growing her vegetables. Also, it’s a relaxing hobby that allows her to connect with nature and see the fruits of her labor.
  • Cooking: Heather is quite the chef in the kitchen. Also, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and creating delicious meals for her family. From homemade pasta to decadent desserts, Heather’s culinary skills are impressive.
  • Yoga: Heather practices yoga regularly to stay fit and maintain a healthy mind and body. She finds peace and tranquillity in each yoga session, helping her relax and rejuvenate after a long day.
  • Reading: Heather is an avid reader and loves getting lost in a good book. Whether it’s a thrilling mystery or an inspiring self-help book, she enjoys expanding her knowledge and immersing herself in different worlds.
  • Volunteering: Heather has a big heart and loves giving back to her community. She regularly volunteers at local organizations and helps those in need. Also, it’s a fulfilling hobby, allowing her to impact others positively.

These hobbies bring joy and fulfillment to Heather Helm’s life and showcase her diverse interests and passion for personal growth.

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Favourite Things

  • Heather loves spending time in her beautiful garden, planting flowers, and growing vegetables. Gardening brings her joy and allows her to connect with nature.
  • Cooking is another favorite hobby of Heather’s. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and creating delicious meals for her family. From homemade pasta to decadent desserts, she loves exploring the culinary world.
  • Heather practices yoga regularly to stay fit and maintain a healthy mind and body. Also, it helps her relax and rejuvenate after a long day, bringing her peace and tranquillity.
  • Reading is a passion of Heather Helm’s. Also, she enjoys getting lost in a good book and expanding her knowledge through various genres, from thrilling mysteries to inspiring self-help books.
  • Heather also has a big heart for volunteering. Also, she regularly gives back to her community by helping at local organizations and positively impacting those in need.

Interesting Facts about Heather Helm 

Heather was born on July 17, 1971, in Pasadena, California.

  • She also studied political science at the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Heather is married to Hollywood actor Matthew Lillard.
  • They also have three children: Addison Grace, Macey Lyn, and Liam Lillard.
  • Heather Helm has a charming appearance with striking blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.
  • She is 5’6″ tall and weighs 60 Kg (121 pounds).
  • Also, Heather is a celebrity spouse and a successful realtor and entrepreneur.
  • She co-founded Compass and currently works as a realtor at Pacific Union International.
  • Heather loves gardening, cooking, practicing yoga, and volunteering in her free time.
  • Also, she has a net worth estimated at around $3 million.
  • Heather showcases her impressive achievements and dedication to her career in real estate.</span>


What is Heather Helm’s bio?

Heather Helm’s bio is a detailed account of her life, achievements, and career. It provides information about her early life, education, family, and professional endeavors. Additionally, Heather Helm is not just a celebrity spouse but also a successful realtor and entrepreneur. She also co-founded Compass and works as a Pacific Union International realtor. 

What is Heather Helm’s net worth?

Heather Helm’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

How tall is Heather Helm?

Heather Helm is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

How many children does Heather Helm have?

Heather and her husband, Matthew Lillard, have three children.

What is Heather Helm’s career?

Heather has managed promising debuts and worked on multimillion-dollar campaigns. Also, she has a strong interest in real estate and design projects.

Who is Heather Helm married to?

Heather is married to comedian and actor Matthew Lillard.

What are Heather Helm’s favorite things?

Heather enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, cooking, reading, and walking.

Does Heather Helm have any hobbies?

Reading books, especially mysteries and sound, is another hobby that she finds relaxing and enjoyable.


Heather is a fantastic woman with a fascinating life. Her bio on Wikipedia tells us all about her achievements and accomplishments. Also, from being a successful realtor to her loving family life, Heather Helm has proven she is more than just a celebrity spouse. 

Additionally, her dedication, hard work, and passion for her career shine through in everything she does. Heather is a role model for everyone, and her bio is worth reading! So, take advantage of learning more about this incredible woman.

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