Sophia Deso Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Sophia Deso is a famous TikTok, Insta Model, and social media star! She’s a popular content creator on YouTube and TikTok, loved by many for her funny videos and charming personality. But do you know how old she is, how tall she is, or even how much she weighs?

She was born in 1989 in the United States and is now a famous Content creator on social media. She stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 60 Kg or 132 lbs. We’ll also dive into her relationships and family and learn more about her through her biography on Wikipedia. So grab your favorite snack and get to know Sophia Deso better!

Who is Sophia Deso?

Sophia, or Sophia Turner Deso, is a popular content creator on YouTube and TikTok. She creates funny videos and has a charming personality, earning her a large following. You can learn more about her background, interests, and journey to becoming a social media star in her bio. 

Sophia Deso

Sophia has gained a lot of fans who love her entertaining content and enjoy getting to know her through her videos. Also, if you’re curious about who she is and what she does, keep reading to discover more about Sophia Deso and her incredible social media journey!


Full Name

Sophia Turner.

Nick Name

Sophia Turner Deso or Sophia Deso.


34 years old.

Date of Birth

Birthplace United States of America.
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States.

Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Personality, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur.

Net Worth

$10 million. (Estimated)

Derek Deko





Religion Christian

Early Life and Education

Sophia had an exciting early life! She was born and raised in a small town and always loved making people laugh. She was passionate about creating videos and entertaining others from a young age. Sophia Deso worked hard in school and dreamed of becoming a social media star. 

She studied communication and media in college, which helped her gain the skills and knowledge to pursue her dreams. With her dedication and determination, Sophia was able to turn her love for creating videos into a successful career. Also, Her early life and education significantly shaped her into the fantastic content creator she is today!

Sophia Deso Parents and Siblings

Sophia comes from a close-knit family. Her parents have always supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her passion for creating content. She also has siblings whom she loves spending time with. They have been there for her as a social media star. 

Sophia often shares glimpses of her family life with her fans, showing their importance. Her strong bond with her parents and siblings has significantly shaped her into who she is today. Also, Deso’s bio on social media platforms provides more information about her parents and siblings and the love they share as a family.

Sophia Deso Husband/Boyfriend

Sophia Deso is married to Derek Deso. She is focusing on her career as a content creator and entertaining her fans with her videos. Sophia Deso’s bio doesn’t mention any specific romantic relationships, as she is dedicated to creating engaging content for her followers. 

Sophia Deso

However, who knows what the future holds for Sophia Deso? She may find love and share that part of her life with her fans. Let’s continue to enjoy her funny videos and charming personality!

Height, Weight, Age, and Physical Appearance  

In this section, we’ll dive into Sophia’s bio and learn more about her height, weight, age, and physical appearance! Sophia Deso was born in 1989 in the United States of America. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her weight is approx. 60 Kg or 132 lbs. Her Eye color is Blue, and she has charming Blonde hair. 

Sophia’s videos show her vibrant personality and great sense of humor. So, while we may not know her exact measurements, Sophia Deso brings her fans joy and laughter through her entertaining content!

Quick Info

Height 5 Feet 6 inches
Weight Approx. 60 Kg or 132 lbs
Body Measurement 36-25-36
Age 34 years as of 2024
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde

Sophia Deso Children

Sophia, also known as Sophia Deso, has one child. She is married to Derek Deko and has one child named Quincy. They both loved him a lot. While Sophia may have a nurturing and caring personality, she has not mentioned having any children at this point in her life. 

Instead, she uses her platform to bring joy and laughter to her audience, showcasing her creativity and humor. As she continues to grow in her career, who knows what the future may hold for Sophia Deso? For now, her fans can enjoy her entertaining content without the addition of children to her life.

Sophia Deso Before Fame

Sophia’s journey to fame is an inspiring one. Before she became a famous content creator, she was just a regular kid with big dreams. Also, Sophia’s bio tells us she was always passionate about making people laugh and creating videos. She worked hard in school and studied communication and media in college to gain the skills to pursue her dreams.

Sophia’s determination and dedication paid off as she turned her love for creating videos into a successful career. Her story shows that anything is possible with hard work and a passion for what you love. Also, Deso’s bio is a testament to her incredible journey and reminds her that dreams can come true with perseverance.

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Sophia Deso Career

Sophia’s career is filled with creativity and laughter! She started her journey as a content creator, sharing her funny videos on YouTube and TikTok. Also, With her captivating personality and entertaining content, Sophia Deso quickly gained a large following of fans who couldn’t get enough of her videos. 

She continues to bring joy and laughter to her audience, showcasing her talent for creating hilarious and relatable content. Also, Sophia’s bio tells us she is dedicated to her craft and always strives to entertain her fans. Her career proves you can realize your dreams with passion and hard work!

Sophia Deso’s Net Worth

Sophia Deso’s bio doesn’t mention her net worth. The estimated Net Worth is $10 million as of 2024, but we can imagine she succeeded in her content creator career. With her large following and entertaining videos, she has likely earned much money through sponsorships and brand collaborations. 

Sophia Deso’s dedication and hard work have paid off, allowing her to pursue her passion and make a living doing what she loves. Also, While we may not know the exact number, it’s safe to say that Sophia Deso has achieved a certain level of financial success as a social media star.

Sophia Deso Future Plans and Projects

Sophia Deso is a content creator who always looks ahead and dreams big! In the future, she has exciting plans and projects in store for her fans. According to Sophia Deso’s bio, she constantly brainstorms new ideas and ways to entertain her audience. Also, Sophia Deso continually pushes the boundaries of her creativity, creating funny videos, collaborating with other social media stars, or even exploring different platforms. She was married to Derek Deko on 12 September 2020.

Sophia Deso

Additionally, She is dedicated to making her content even better and bringing more laughter and joy to her fans. With her talent and passion, Sophia Deso’s plans and projects will surely be a hit! So, stay tuned and keep following Sophia Deso’s journey as she continues to amaze us with her unique content and entertaining videos. 

Sophia Deso Hobbies

Here are some of her favorite hobbies:

  • Dancing: Sophia is a fantastic dancer who loves showing her moves in her videos.
  • Cooking: Sophia enjoys experimenting with new recipes and cooking delicious meals for her family and friends.
  • Painting: Sophia is a talented artist and enjoys expressing her creativity through painting and drawing.
  • Reading: Sophia loves getting lost in a good book and often shares her favorite reads with her fans.
  • Traveling: Sophia enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Also, She often shares her travel adventures on social media.
  • Playing sports: Sophia Deso enjoys staying active and playing sports like basketball and volleyball.
  • Singing: Sophia has a beautiful voice and enjoys singing in her free time. She often shares covers of popular songs on her social media platforms.
  • Photography: Sophia loves capturing beautiful moments and enjoys taking photos in her spare time.
  • Writing: Sophia enjoys writing and often shares her thoughts and ideas through blog posts and captions on social media.
  • Gaming: Sophia enjoys playing video games and often streams gaming sessions for her fans.
  • Crafting: Sophia Deso loves getting crafty and enjoys making DIY projects and crafts.

Sophia Deso Favourite Things

Sophia Deso’s bio tells us much about her, but what are her favorite things? Let’s find out!

  • Favorite Color: Sophia loves the color pink! It’s her go-to color for clothes, accessories, and bedroom decor.
  • Favorite Food: Pizza is Sophia’s ultimate favorite food. She can never resist a cheesy slice!
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs hold a special place in Sophia Deso’s heart. Also, She loves their loyalty and playful nature.
  • Favorite Movie: Sophia is a big fan of animated movies, with “Toy Story” being one of her all-time favorites.
  • Favorite Music: Sophia enjoys listening to pop music and dancing to catchy beats. She can’t resist a good pop anthem!
  • Favorite Hobby: Dancing is a hobby and a passion for Sophia Deso. Also, She loves expressing herself through dance and learning new moves.
  • Favorite Book: Sophia enjoys reading mystery and adventure novels. She loves getting lost in a thrilling story.
  • Favorite Place: Sophia’s favorite place is at the beach. Also, She loves the sun, sand, and the sound of waves crashing.
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball is Sophia Deso’s favorite sport. She loves shooting hoops and playing with her friends.
  • Favorite Emoji: 🎉 Sophia Deso’s favorite is the party popper emoji. Also, It represents her fun and lively personality.

Interesting Facts about Sophia Deso

  • Sophia Deso’s pet dog, Max, often appears in her videos.
  • She loves to eat ice cream, especially chocolate and cookie dough flavors.
  • Also, Sophia Deso is a big fan of Harry Potter and has read all the books multiple times.
  • She enjoys spending time in nature and hiking with her friends and family.
  • Also, Sophia is bilingual and can speak both English and Spanish fluently.
  • She loves to dance and has taken classes in various styles, such as ballet and hip-hop.
  • Sophia is a big advocate for mental health awareness and often shares tips and resources with her followers.
  • Also, She enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters and helping out with fundraising events.
  • Sophia is a DIY project fan and often creates jewelry and accessories.
  • She loves to travel and explore new places, especially tropical destinations.
  • Also, Sophia enjoys playing video games and has a collection of retro gaming consoles in her free time.
  • She is passionate about environmental conservation and participates in beach cleanups and recycling programs.

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How old is Sophia Deso?

Sophia’s age is not mentioned in her bio; her estimated age is 34 years, but she is a young content creator who brings her fans joy and laughter through her entertaining videos.

What is Sophia Deso’s height and weight?

Sophia’s height of 5 ft 6 in and weight of 60 Kg are mentioned in her bio. However, what’s important is that she is happy and healthy and shares her vibrant personality with her fans through her videos.

Does Sophia Deso have a boyfriend?

Sophia’s bio does not mention any specific romantic relationships. She is married to Derek Deko in September 2022. Also, She is focusing on her career as a content creator and entertaining her fans with her videos.

Does Sophia Deso have children?

Yes, Sophia has one child, a son named Quincy.

Where can I find more information about Sophia Deso?

You can find more information about Sophia on her social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Also, Her bio overviews her life and journey as a content creator.

What are Sophia Deso’s hobbies?

Sophia has many hobbies: dancing, cooking, painting, reading, traveling, playing sports, singing, photography, writing, gaming, and crafting. Also, Her videos and social media posts share her passions with her fans.

What are some interesting facts about Sophia Deso?

Some interesting facts about Sophia include her love for her pet dog, Max, her passion for environmental conservation, her bilingualism in English and Spanish, and her advocacy for mental health awareness. Also, Sophia Deso is a multi-talented content creator with a unique personality and much to offer her fans.


We also learned about her age, height, weight, relationships, Wikipedia biography, and wonderful family. Sophia is a true inspiration with her excellent makeup skills and funny videos. Also, She has already accomplished so much and has become a role model for many.

Her dedication, creativity, and positive attitude shine through in everything she does. So, keep following Sophia on social media and stay tuned for more exciting updates from this rising star. Also, remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, just like Sophia Deso.

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